About Us

Our Vision

To create an international Talent Directory for and of Zimbabweans.

Discovering Talents

We aim to discover Zimbabwean talents in various categories of Performing Arts, Creative Arts, Sports and Business.  This will be achieved by candidates registering on the website and uploading their talent profiles. There will also be competitions and voting will be online quarterly and the final quarter will be a live event in Zimbabwe every year where a new talent will be discovered in each category. Talents who participate in competitions boost their exposure and also have chances to win the prizes offered!

Talent Agency

The registrants are archived in the talent directory whereby producers/film makers/promoters and other registered advertisers will scout out talents and also advertise positions or acts sought in their respective areas and projects.  The Talents themselves will also be able to apply for advertised positions for shortlisting and have direct contact with the advertiser through a messaging system on the website.

Talent Mentorship

Registrants are exposed to and access help and guidance from a pool of volunteering mentors. Through the online messaging system, registrants have help from people who already have made their names and are icons in their respective areas. Find some of our mentors on this link : http://www.zimtalenthunt.com/news/photos
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