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A Peek Bulawayo Based Afrojazz Songstress Zim Talent Hunt Success

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Nyce (Eunice Nomagugu Ncube) is a young and vibrant young Afro Jazz& RnB artiste who made her mark in 2014 when she was shortlisted as a finalist for Zim Talent Hunt (ZiTH). The Bulawayo based artiste says being part of the winners was “a dream come true” for her. She also said she dedicates all her talent to her late mother who always supported her.

“My mom passed away a long time ago but she loved to hear me singing from the time I was 5 years old. Same with my Dad so I haven’t faced any challenges at all family wise, “The 23 year old Nyce said.

Her favourite song so far is her second track titled Urimunana (Produced by Russo). Eunice mostly sings about love. She confessed of having fallen in love with Afro Jazz around 2012. She was part of an Afro Jazz outfit called Ancient Tribes and very much inspired by the South African singer, Zahara. RnB was always a childhood passion for her. The songstress said she used to sing along to almost every RnB song that was trending on radio in the younger days. That may answer those who question how she got to attain such prowess in the art. Rome was not built in a day.

Perhaps one day our Bulawayo Queen will share the stage with Zahara.

One of her greatest motivations to become what she is in music today is that her mother loved to hear her sing.

“She was a good singer herself but during her time there were not so many opportunities like we have today, so I’m doing this for her and for myself as well.” – Nyce

Nyce does not regret the day she followed through a Zim Talent Hunt post on Facebook to find out about them.  With a little convincing she decided to register herself little did she know it would come along with a breakthrough. She would finally benefit from the facilitation Zim Talent Hunt created for artistes. She however says that the breakthrough was not very automatic.

“The most important thing is to hang around people who support you and your talent, people who boost you and your confidence and of course you need to believe in yourself more than anyone else. You can do anything and everything. For me God is my strength and my number one fan ‘cause he gave me the gift.”

Stream her music below. (me browsers may not see this widget, use a java enabled browser)

There you have it, a strong willed independent African lady making strides for herself in the music business.


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