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Meet Fungai The Sensation – ZiTh 2014 Finalist (by Mcpotar)

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When a 16 year old girl started singing at Dominican Convent (Bulawayo), nobody would’ve predicted she would be a star and win the 2014 Zim Talent Hunt contest. Fungai who is now turning 21 is a young talented poetess and musician in Zimbabwe. She also is known as The Sensation. (Click here to get her song Hupenyu Mutoro)
She writes and does spoken word poetry and remembers her first artistic performance to be at Dominican Convent High School. She sang in an acapella group named Rocapella which with commitment she later became president of. One does not just wake up president of a group.
With the same spirit of commitment she managed tomake it through the 2014 auditions and realized that the audition fees was worth it. She would later gain more exposure and be around mentors. Fungai has been able to share stages and picture moments with people you would pay to see. While I attribute her making it to all this hard work she has done she says it was purely grace from God.

fungai zim talent
“That was pure grace, I honestly still don’t know how I made it.”
Her music really touches the soul of the ear and because she is a poet her lyrics have a deeper meaning than usual.
“My music mostly talks about life in its complexity: religion and beliefs, love and the hardships of life” – She said.
Fungai is self motivated though she says Betty Makaya and Whitney Houston are some of the few people outside herself to influence her. Well she is a Christian and that also puts Jesus Christ on the list. She also mentioned that Believe, who does her instrumentals and Juls (ZiTH founder) have been very supportive with her career.


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  1. senqa - April 1, 2015 9:41 am

    this proves that when you press on toward your dream, one makes it. you are a living example. you used to sing in class with Grace in form two


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