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Meet Zim Talent Finalist – Avry Ngoni Chilwa (@King_Avry) – by Mcpotar

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Avry Chilwa is a very talented Zimbabwean RnB Artiste, who managed to make it to Zim Talent’s 2014 finals. His breakthrough song was the song One More Chance, produced by Russo. The song tells a story of a man who is asking a disappointed lover for another chance and I guess we all go through those.
At a metaphoric level I would say this song speaks about any other thing you may love, that you have let down though Avry definitely was talking about it in the sense of a love relationship. The artiste in fact admits that it was written with a relationship that went sour in mind. However he says he got over the break up of that time. It is very common that great love songs are inspired by reality.
“We often realize what we have when it’s gone, we have that one person we would do anything to have back.” – Avry
Magically he speaks of everyone’s truth unless you have never been in a relationship. If you have been on the ship of love relations you will testify that you have sung this song in one way or another. It is no wonder his name means “magical counsel”. He has a vision to become greater and believes Zim Talent Hunt has presented him the key to many great opportunities he wouldn’t otherwise have got while sitting in his back yard in Lochnvar. They have allowed him to shine on behalf of Lochnvar.
“I want to become n established mainstream artiste… locally, regionally and internationally. I want to become a music ambassador for our beautiful country.” – @King_Avry
The artiste mentioned that he had a plan of getting into philanthropy one day if this work paid off financially. Mr Chilwa spoke of the “Avry Foundation”. He has so far received a good number of radio spins, press ccovverage and well this is a blogpost to confirm that his hustle is legit. Avry gives credit to God, his parents, Julius Muzuva (from Zim Talent Hunt), Russo and his fans for all their support.



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