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Zimtalent organizers live up to their word

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By Tavonga K Mafundikwa

It was a great day indeed last week as five youngsters were handed over their albums courtesy of ZimTalent.

The thrilled young musicians who converged at the National Arts Council for the handover ceremony were so happy and they gave it their all when they gave the appreciative invited guests snippets of their high quality brands of different types of music.

According to Shepherd Munyawiri the executive director of ZimTalent, the handover ceremony was a fulfilment of promises made to the youngsters who had taken part in a voice competition during the inaugural 2014 season. ” When we launched the competition in 2014 via our website and also on social network Facebook we attracted the attention of fifty three contestants who posted clips of their musical prowess and out of this lot emerged one winner and five  finalists. We then worked with different producers to come up with singles for the finalists and still felt we needed to do more for them and yes true to our word we came up with albums for them which we handed over at the National Arts Council.”


The guest of honour Biggie Chinoperekweyi was very impressed at the way the whole function was organized. ” These guys are organized my brother. From the program layout you can tell they know what they are doing” he told this writer.

During his keynote address Chinoperekweyi implored the youths to work extra harder and come out with products that would capture the imagination of their audience. ” I’m quite pleased at the high standards you have set Shepherd, people like yourselves are doing a very pivotal service to the Arts industry. More artistes need to be churned out so that we avoid a scenario where we run short of new talent. Week in week out we are just recycling our roaster having to rely on the same artistes for performances yet we should actually be spoilt for choice in as far as choosing artistes is concerned. With the level of music witnessed at this handover ceremony I’m sure we should synergize and give these youngsters a chance to showcase their talent”, he said to a thunderous applause from those in attendance.

The six lucky ones who recieved their finished products were Nicholas Kurangwa, Liberty Madanire, Eunice Nomagugu Ncube,  Fungai Monbeshora, Ngoni Chilwa and Natalie Chimombe. The albums are all multi genre and one can pick up a lot of influences from the productions. That they worked with different producers is also a very good thing in that they avoided monotony.

Liberty Madanire was very upbeat about his involvement with ZimTalent. “l am so indebted to these guys because slowly I’m now getting there. My type of music has a huge inclination towards RnB but that does not stop me from exploring other possibilities. I got to know about ZimTalent via social media and here l am. Armed with my album now l don’t think there is anything that can stop me now’

Eunice who has a very smooth and sweet voice had this to say, ” my music is gospel jazz but I’m also very willing to explore other avenues to enhance my creativity. I’m also happy to be associated with Zimtalent because they have taken me to another level as l have worked with some of the best producers in this land. I also enjoyed doing collaborations with other artistes as well.”

Some of the producers involved in the project are Russo,Mcdee Chidavaenzi, David Sengwayo and Nigel Nyangombe.

Shepherd feels with support from other stakeholders the search for talent in Zimbabwe can be spread far and wide even extending to the diaspora. ” We have sounded out some stakeholders and although an interest has been shown nothing has been inked as yet. We will however continue to soldier on in our quest to meet our goals and objectives.”

One of the artistes Natalie Chimombe, who also received her album and is also within the administrative structures of ZimTalent was quite happy with  their achievements this far. ” We managed to accomplish our goal

s and we are not stopping here. The songwriting seminar we ran recently was an eye opener and artistes are surely destined to sharpen their skills.”

William Ndinde the senior National Arts Council
Provincial Arts Manager for Harare province was very impressed by the handover ceremony. ” We applaud what these guys are doing and we urge them to push even harder. ZimTalent programmes particularly those involving talent search in music present unheralded musicians with an opportunity to flaunt their innate talents. Such programmes constitute a vital cog in growing the music sector. Our clarion call to arts funding organizations and the corporate sector is for these organizations to support ZimTalent in such programmes financially or materially. The level of musical talent that we have witnessed is marvelous. Zimbabwe has got talent for real. Let me also urge the artistes themselves to fully embrace professionalism in all facets of their operations particularly relating to audiences and music promoters by way of honoring contracts to the dot. With all this talent the country’s music industry is destined to grow.”

The efforts by ZimTalent should be supported. It is initiatives like these that can take our industry to the next level. Even the government should be involved.

Posted by ZimTalent Hunt on Wednesday, 29 July 2015


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